What Makes Shri Guru Granth Sahib: The Universal Sacred Text of the World

What Makes Shri Guru Granth Sahib
The Very Special Scripture of the World
Number Topic Question
1. Pure Spirituality Pure Spirituality, only spirituality, no history or community references.
2. Multiple Sources Ancient scriptures and Saints included in this Sacred Text.
3. Timeless and Eternal Message Was true in past, is true now and will be true in times to come.
4. Finest Musical Composition 31 Ragas, based on time of the day and season and changes of Human mood.
5. Simple Language Language of People: Punjab, India, Lanka, Pakistan and Nepal and Muslim lands.
6. Fine Poetic Composition It is all rhyming Poetry.
7. Distilled Version of entire past spirituality Compared and contrasted against all past religions.
8. Directly Hand-written by Gurus Directly authaunticated by Guru Sahibs.
9. Verifiable and Authentic Originals Verifiable and testable by internal contrast and comparison and consistency.
10. Written for entire Humanity Written for entire human race.


Pure Spirituality

Shri Granth Sahib has praises of God, Saints and His Bagats. There is no reference to any king or any worldly human being. There are no historical events, it is all pure Spirituality.

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Multiple Sources

Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji has been brought to mankind thru the spiritual experiences of Gurus, Saints, Baghats. The Hymns created by Muslim Faqirs, Bhagat NaamDev, Bhagat Farid( A Muslim), Bhagat Sur Daas, Bhagat Ravi Daas( a low- caste saint.

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Timeless and Eternal Message

The message in the Granth Sahib is eternal: applicable for all times. Answers to human problems, are common to all beings.

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Finest Musical Composition

Entire Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is compiled in 31 Raags. The musical notations, Ghars and Gurbani-recital styles are also given in this sacred book. There is a fixed time for individual Raaga as it affects the human mind and soul.

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Simple Language

Enspite of having words from over two dozen languages, it is comprehensable to most poeple of India and adjoining countries.
As the following Shabad states:

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Fine Poetic Composition

All the lines in the Granth are in the form of Poetry, rhyming. It makes the reading easy and sweeter.
As the following Shabad states:

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Distilled Version of entire past spirituality

When Shri Guru Arjun Dev Ji compiled the Shri Guru Granth Sahib, he combed thru all the scriptures of India. He brought the scriptures that were in line with monotheistic spirituality.

Here is a Shabad, simple life style and being contented with God's blessings. This is written by a Muslim Faquir, Sheikh Fareed Jee.

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Directly Hand-written by Gurus

From First Guru onwards, all the scriptures were hand-written. Guru Sahib has been very consistent in using same ink and "Kalam". Guru Arjun Dev Ji has signed the completed Granth to ensure the authenticity.

The following Shabad states

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Verifiable and Authentic Originals

Same spirit has been carried to following Guru Ji. Thus 5th Guru Sahib authenticated and verified the writings of the previous 4 Gurus and 10th Guru Sahib verified the entire Shri Guru Granth Sahib.
As the following Shabad states:

Thus there is no place of contradiction from any aspect about any writings.
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Written for entire Humanity

The message is common to entire humanity. It is applicable to poeple living around the globe now and future.
Here is common advice for all peresent or future people, that good company is vital for tranquality and eternal peace.
As the following Shabad states:

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Updated Last: Nov. 2014