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16 Sept. 2015




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Bliss-Full Marriage and Devotional Thoughts!!!



Bliss-Full Marriage and Devotional Thoughts!!! 2

1)      Go to the Creator of Marriage: 3

2)      5 Top ways to enhance your intimacy: 4

3)      5 ways to watch areas of possible problems: 5

4)      5 Routines for developing and deepening Bliss in Marriage: 6

5)      5 Creative ways to Donate to add more Bliss in Marriage: 7

6)      Teach others your methods and you will have a powerful Support System: 8

Blessings!     Blessings!! Blessings!!! 8



1)   Go to the Creator of Marriage:

  1. What does the Marriage design show?

God designed you and your marriage. In Shri Guru Granth Sahib, 56 pages are dedicated to marriage and bliss. It is in Soohi Raag, exactly in the middle of the Shri Granth Sahib: the reason whenever Guru Sahib’s Hukamnama (the Order of the Day) is read, it is typically from Soohi Raag! It is not incidental, rather it is by God’s design.

  1. Is marriage man-made or God-made:

Social scientists have done experimentation: they took pre-teen-agers on an island to grow as nature would grow them. After a decade when the scientists visited the island, the newly became adults were living exclusive-pairs, just like marriage! So there is something wired in humans which lends itself to marriage.

  1. God grants Salvation, as soon as you get in bliss with your spouse!

To make God happy, is very easy. It is the spouse which is difficult to worship! In fact, by design, God is testing us, if or when we become a blissful-couple in marriage we automatically get salvation!

Stop working or worshiping on God, rather work/worship on your Demi-God: your spouse!

God is always in Bliss, it is the Demi-God of your life, who changes moods ten times every minute!

God is everlasting, stable, does not increase or decrease, it is your Dem-God spouse that needs most worships and care!

Go sing the praises of your Demi-God, the spouse, God will be automatically happy!


2)   5 Top ways to enhance your intimacy:


Skill list:

  1. Whatever God gave in home is like nectar, same thing taken away from others is like poison.
  2. Make your speech the sweetest.

a)      Address your spouse with utmost sweetness and humility.

b)      Admit your human shortcomings in habits. You cannot hide your shortcomings for too long.

c)      Early one admits, easier it becomes on both partners.

  1. Make your internal beautiful rather than adding decorations to your skin

a)      Appearances are for the world, for your family your internal virtues matter the most.

  1. Life is decrementing; make your company the best that is humanly possible.
  2. Make humility as your veil of purity.

a)      God does not like arrogance; same is true about your partner.



3)   5 ways to watch areas of possible problems:


We humans learn by imitating others. This entire growth of society, building flying machines (Airplanes) to thinking machines (Computers) has been possible with humans learning from the experience of others. They build on the knowledge of previous people.

  1. Make humility as your veil of purity.

God does not like arrogance; same is true about your partner

So to become a saint, go to the company of saints. And to become a great businessman go attend business colleges and seminars.

  1. Love for self, is root of evils.

Marriage is a life-long journey, lesser the self-love, more the bliss in marriage.

  1. Get the Blessings of the Almighty in life of your spouse.

All the bliss of marriage flows from Almighty. More you will bring spirituality to your spouse, more your bliss will grow.

  1. Keep your heart focused on serving.
Virtues bring love, admiration and bliss to life. Your focusing on virtues will set up the tone of the family.
  1. Make a mental or actual list of virtues of your spouse.
We are more blessed in more ways, though we are un-appreciative of Almighty.
By putting these virtues, make a list of top 100 virtues, you will have more reason to feel or express your love for your spouse. Do it now.
  1. Focus on positive of your spouse.
In nature, good and bad, success and failure are evenly distributed. The idea is to focus on the positive.

Whatever good is done by your spouse, give the credit to spouse, rest you can say, “It was God’s Will!”



4)   5 Routines for developing and deepening Bliss in Marriage:


The most important achievement of life is to get Salvation. We have been born hundreds of thousands times, as Shri Guru Granth Sahib teaches us.

Mere talks are not going to get you the bliss.

  1. It takes real effort to earn bliss in life.

Even if your spouse has not joined in your mission, you set up the example.

  1. Keep purity in every aspect of life.

The purity and bliss go hand in hand.

  1. Praise your husband in public.

People are like flowers, they bloom with praise.

  1. Encourage your spouse to improve further.
  2. It is normal to have areas that need improvement. 

To focus the attention of your spouse for area needing improvement, say encouraging words showing progress, “Honey, you are doing much greater than last month. Now you are calmer and better!”



5)   5 Creative ways to Donate to add more Bliss in Marriage:


  1. Donate your skills.
  2. Guide youth in religion and life.
  3. Say silent prayers for your spouse.

The wisdom comes from God, so say your prayers silently. It works wonders to improve people.



6)   Teach others your methods and you will have a powerful Support System:


  1. We humans are social; we depend and grow on the strength of our peers.

The best way to assure presence of other supporting people is to develop a team around you.

  1. Dance and get more bliss.

The worldly happiness is expressed thru singing and dancing.

Do not feel self-conscious. Take some lessons if necessary.

But do dance publically as a couple in social gatherings.

  1. Good clothes to wear.

The world judges you by clothes. So take advantage of good and simple clothes.

Provide encouraging, supporting and uplifting guidance and help to your spouse.

  1. Massage your way to Bliss.

The humans are hungry to connect with each other. By applying massage to feet or back, is a great way to provide love-full and soothing touch to your spouse.




Blessings!      Blessings!!    Blessings!!!