Sprituality and Gurbani topics:

  1. Gem01 thoght: Gurbani gives 105 % guarantee of meeting God. 

  2. Gem02 thought: God created food once, share for each one of us! 

  3. Gem03 thought: Do sinners know they are sinning? 

  4. Gem04 thought: Even fantasy thoughts put a sinfull stain on Soul. 

  5. Gem05 thought: Time is most precious gift of God. 

  6. Gem06 thought: Gifts are for Asking. Salvatlon is Free from God!!! 

  7. Gem07 thought: You are GOD, know this for Sure! 

  8. Gem08 thought: Your Liberation is in your Own Hands. You will need your spouse's Approval to get Liberation! 

  9. Gem09 thought: Going Faster than Speed of Light will not bring Salvation or Peace. 

  10. Gem10 thought: Those who are addicted to Pleasures, are to be born as snakes. 

  11. Gem11 thought: God creates Millions of Big-Bangs by each instant! 

  12. Gem12 thought: In Sadh Sangat (Congregation), all sins of past lives are erased. 

  13. Gem13 thought: If you blame others for your problems, you will never see God or peace! 

  14. Gem14 thought: A Home becomes Blessed, when Congregation with Guru visits. 

  15. Gem15 thought: Your final destination is not Eafth, 'Your soul merges in God' is your final Destination. 

  16. Gem16 thought: Any thing worth doing should be started right now! 

  17. Gem17 thought: Gurbani Resource List. 


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