Top Human Problems and their Solutions from Gurbani

  1. Problem between Husband and Wife. 
  2. Enemity between blood-Brothers.
  3. Backbiting and Slandering by Mother-in-law.
  4. My Sister and Brother-in-law are alienated from me.
  5. The grief of losing Mother or Father! 
  6. The conflict between Truth and Falsehood 
  7. How does God communicate with humans? 
  8. What is that one item most people repent at end of their life and beyond?


Problem between Husband and Wife.

God gives us so many gifts that even we cannot count. Each gift is unique and valuable in itself. Yet, the gift of wisdom is the most precious as all other gifts become easier once one is blessed with know-how.

As the following Shabad states:

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Enemity between blood-Brothers.

In our daily life we get many moments that are happy or sad. Yet these moments are transitory, soon the complimentary moment shows up.
We have been living with such changing moments in our life as lower animals too. Even after coming in human life, we do not get that moment. The true moment of celebration is when God blesses the person with right religious Guru and blesses the person with faith in Guru and God. Indeed, such a moment comes after thousands of years.

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Backbiting and Slandering by Mother-in-law.

God has made every part of human body indispensable. Yet, some human body parts can produce eternal bliss. In fact, whenever we are doing meditation, every cell of the body is in link with Almighty. Human tongue is blessed with the duty to help us sing the praises of the God. It produces an eternal link and everlasting tranquility for humans.
Yet, on the contrary, the very tongue can get us in worldly troubles: quarrels, fights, court cases and wars. The biggest type of punishment to humans typically comes thru vulgar and backbiting talks. Next to lust, probably speaking ill of others, is an unpardonable sin according to Sikhism.

The following Shabad blesses us with wisdom:

The tongue is more precious than gems of the world because by using it one sings the praises of God and it helps to communicate and co-ordinate good deeds. When we say prayers, using our tongues, we are helping all our departed family members as well as cleaning our sins of millions of past lives.

The wound of the sword will end with time and this life, yet the wounds of the tongue will stay for ever with the sinner's soul.
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My Sister and Brother-in-law are alienated from me.

God has given us all the freedom to move around and do whatever we please. Yet, we are answerable to Him at end of life. We will get to next stage of bliss or enlightenment if we do good deeds. If our nature and actions are down to animal-like, then we are doomed to go downwards in animal kingdom.
As it is in following Shabad:

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The grief of losing Mother or Father!

God has put the right proportion for everything. Otherwise, millions of Galaxies and billions of stars will never stay in synch. For each and every day, there is a corresponding night.

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The conflict between Truth and Falsehood

Only God is perfect in creation. We as humans are bound to make mistakes. It is kind of Burn and Learn rule: we learn our lessons in each life. We keep on advancing to next grade based on how well we performed in life.
As the following Shabad states:

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How does God communicate with humans

When we say our prayer, God is listening to our prayer. When God wants to talk to us God sends the message thru his Scriptures brought by Prophets.
Scriptures should be read with great love and compassion. The prayerer should feel the dialogue going between him/her and God.

Here is a Shabad, where a devotee expresses his/her desire to meet God. And then God answers that in Gurbani.

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Item most people repent at end of their life and beyond: misuse of time.

God gives us an opportunity to improve our lot. We are blessed with counted number of breaths. With each breath taken without meditation is wasted. At time of death, the reality of life comes forward, the God's Judgment is executed. The soul is in constant and for eternal grief for wasting away precious time of life. Remember, in such a big creation God has created Spirited people, humans, only on this earth. It is only on earth one can improve one's eternal standing with God. Once we leave earth we stay in the same state till eternity: either in bliss or complete horror: time ceases, change ceases.

The following Shabad states situation at time of death:

God's meditation is possible during human life. Once your spirit leaves the body, spirit being cannot do any actions. The body is immediately becomes alien and distant to all living near and dear-ones. Bhagat Bainee Ji, very humbly reminds the devotees to do Naam Simaran while there is breath in life.
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Updated last: 16 Sept., 2015.