Awsw mhlw 1 CMq Gru 3 ] AMg 438

Aasaa, First Mehl, Chhant, Third House: Page 438




qUM suix hrxw kwilAw, kI vwVIAY rwqw rwm ]

thoon sun hurunaa kaaliaa kee vaarreeai raathaa raam

Listen, O black deer: why are you so attached to the orchard of passion?


Oh Black deer, you are stealing,

Eating adultery fruits.


ibKu Plu mITw cwir idn, iPir hovY qwqw rwm ]

bikh ful meethaa chaar dhin fir hovai thaathaa raam

The fruit of sin is sweet for only a few days, and then it grows hot and bitter.


Adultery will be sweet for few days,

Then will ooze out pain & poison from its roots.



iPir hoie qwqw Krw mwqw, nwm ibnu prqwpey ]

fir hoe thaathaa khuraa maathaa naam bin puruthaapeae

That fruit which intoxicated you has now become bitter and painful, without the Naam.


Then adultery becomes poison and dangerous

Because you disobeyed Godís protecting.


Ehu jyv swier dyie lhrI, ibjul ijvY cmkey ]

ouhu jaev saaeir dhaee lehuree bijul jivai chumukeae

It is temporary, like the waves on the sea, and the flash of lightning.


Immorality may give thrill like sea wave,

But it will last short, like Skyís lightening.



hir bwJu rwKw koie nwhI, soie quJih ibswirAw ]

har baajh raakhaa koe naahee soe thujhehi bisaariaa

Without the Lord, there is no other protector, but you have forgotten Him.


Godís advice could save you,

That you have already forsaken,


scu khY nwnku cyiq ry mn, mrih hrxw kwilAw ]1]

such kehai naanuk chaeth rae mun murehi hurunaa kaaliaa

Nanak speaks the Truth. Reflect upon it, O mind; you shall die, O black deer. ||1||


Says Nanak, listen my dear,

†††††† Now your life will be taken.



Bvrw PUil BvMiqAw, duKu Aiq BwrI rwm ]

bhuvuraa fool bhuvunthiaa dhukh ath bhaaree raam

O bumble bee, you wander among the flowers, but terrible pain awaits you.


Like a bumble bee, you are tasting many flowers,

You donot know its painful results.


mY guru pUiCAw Awpxw, swcw bIcwrI rwm ]

mai gur pooshiaa aapunaa saachaa beechaaree raam

I have asked my Guru for true understanding.


I have talked to my Master

He told me all the facts.



bIcwir siqguru muJY pUiCAw, Bvru bylI rwqE ]

beechaar sathigur mujhai pooshiaa bhuvur baelee raathou

I have asked my True Guru for understanding about the bumble bee, who is so involved with the flowers of the garden.


The sinful-life will not be forever for bumble bee,

Tells me my Master.


sUrju ciVAw ipMfu piVAw, qylu qwvix qwqE ]

sooruj charriaa pindd parriaa thael thaavan thaathou

When the sun rises, the body will fall, and it will be cooked in hot oil.

Sun of death will rise & body will be fall like dust

And Soul will cook in oil, for ever and ever.



jm mig bwDw Kwih cotw, sbd ibnu byqwilAw ]

jum mag baadhaa khaahi chottaa subudh bin baethaaliaa

You shall be bound and beaten on the road of Death, without the Word of the Shabad, O madman.


Will face torments of death for eternity

Without the protection of Almighty


scu khY nwnku cyiq ry mn, mrih Bvrw kwilAw ]2]

such kehai naanuk chaeth rae mun murehi bhuvuraa kaaliaa

Nanak speaks the Truth. Reflect upon it, O mind; you shall die, O bumble bee. ||2||

Says Nanak, Sing His Glory

†††††† You are on earth only temporary.



myry jIAiVAw prdysIAw, ikqu pvih jMjwly rwm ]

maerae jeearriaa purudhaeseeaa kith puvehi junjaalae raam

O my stranger soul, why do you fall into entanglements?


You are a guest on this earth

Why are you getting in sinís debt.

swcw swihbu min vsY, kI Pwsih jm jwly rwm ]

saachaa saahib man vusai kee faasehi jum jaalae raam

The True Lord abides within your mind; why are you trapped by the noose of Death?


Your Master lives in your heart

Still you are getting deathís trap.


mCulI ivCuMnI nYx ruMnI, jwlu biDik pwieAw ]

mushulee vishunnee nain runnee jaal badhik paaeiaa

The fish leaves the water with tearful eyes, when the fisherman casts his net.


As fish leaves water with tearful eyes

When fisherman casts His net.


sMswru mwieAw mohu mITw, AMiq Brmu cukwieAw ]

sunsaar maaeiaa mohu meethaa anth bhurum chukaaeiaa

The love of Maya is sweet to the world, but in the end, this delusion is dispelled.


Fruits of sin are sweet to you

Your illusion clears and you start everlasting regret.



Bgiq kir icqu lwie hir isau, Coif mnhu AMdyisAw ]

bhugath kar chith laae har sio shodd munuhu andhaesiaa

So perform devotional worship, link your consciousness to the Lord, and dispel anxiety from your mind.


Put your mind to prayers

†††††† Cast away your doubt.

scu khY nwnku cyiq ry mn, jIAiVAw prdysIAw ]3]

such kehai naanuk chaeth rae mun jeearriaa purudhaeseeaa

Nanak speaks the Truth; focus your consciousness on the Lord, O my stranger soul. ||3||


Says Nanak, know your Master

†††††† You are visitor to earth-planet.


ndIAw vwh ivCuMinAw, mylw sMjogI rwm ]

nudheeaa vaah vishunniaa maelaa sunjogee raam

The rivers and streams which separate may sometime be united again.


Stream separated from river does not

meets again, such is separation from fellows.


jugu jugu mITw ivsu Bry, ko jwxY jogI rwm ]

jug jug meethaa vis bhurae ko jaanai jogee raam

In age after age, that which is sweet, is full of poison; how rare is the Yogi who understands this.


The world is full with sweet poisons,

†††††† Only rare thinker knows.



koeI shij jwxY hir pCwxY, siqgurU ijin cyiqAw ]

koee sehaj jaanai har pushaanai sathiguroo jin chaethiaa

That rare person who centers his consciousness on the True Guru, knows intuitively & realizes Lord.


Those who remember God, will know God

†††††† And bliss they will feel.


ibnu nwm hir ky Brim Buly, pcih mugD AcyiqAw ]

bin naam har kae bhuram bhoolae puchehi mugudh achaethiaa

Without the Naam, the Name of the Lord, the thoughtless fools wander in doubt, and are ruined.


Without Godís name people are in confusion

†††††† Ruined be you will.


hir nwmu Bgiq n irdY swcw, sy AMiq DwhI ruMinAw ]

har naam bhugath n ridhai saachaa sae anth dhaahee runniaa

Those whose hearts are not touched by devotional worship and the Name of the True Lord, shall weep and wail loudly in the end.


Those who did not remember the master in their heart,

Will be wailing in the end.


scu khY nwnku sbid swcY, myil icrI ivCuMinAw ]4]1]5]

such kehai naanuk subadh saachai mael chiree vishunniaa

Nanak speaks the Truth; through the True Word of the Shabad, those long separated from the Lord, are united once again. ||4||1||5||


Says Nanak, Godís Word unites devotees,

Those who were separated long time from God.