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Updated last: Blessed Mother's day: 12 May 2019

  1. Kindly download English Poetic translation of Hymns of Seikh Fareed Jee: Saint Fareed Jee. "English Poetry of Saint Fareed. Click to read or download here."

  2. Kindly download Gurbani in English Poetic form: God's Word from 9th Guru Sahib!
    9th Mohalla Shaloks."Spiritual Gurbani that dissolves human ego. Poetic form, in Rhyming English, can be sung on music!
    Kindly try and suggest enhancements!"

  3. 24 Videos on Translation of Sukhmani Sahib from Gurbani to English: 5th Guru Sahib being cooked alive. "Peaceful Hymns of Sukhmani Sahib Translated in English."

  4. How can we Prove Existance of God, using Modern Sciences and Mathematics. God can be proved by Science. "God is in Everyscience if you have the Know-how to Find It!"

  5. How Gurbani advises us against Eating Meat! Be kind to all beings. "Your Almighty Father advises against Meat Eating!"

  6. Education, Research and Services by Paul Chahal "How Lord has used Pal's life for serving others!" Lives are molded by Lord.

  7. Here is Waheguru's Message on Mortal Sin of Adultery: Adultery lives short, pains Ever. "Adultery lives short, pains for Eternal."

  8. Our Creator's Gem Message is very precious for us.
    Here is something very valuable to consider. God's Symbol of Strength. "Great Gems of Advice from Our Creator"

  9. View, read or download following "Bliss-Full-Marriage-Gift-From-God.pdf" file.

    Click to read or download: God's Symbol of Strength. "Bliss-Full-Marriage-Gift-From-God.pdf"

  10. Here are some Videos and Filmi Songs: soothing the soul! "Everlasting serious and love/separation songs!"

  11. Download following "Get_Blessed_With_Healthy_Long_Life", a pdf file.
    It is work in progress. Being enahanced as it is compilling. Kindly download now and revisit:
    Click to read and download: Kulwant and Pallah in Blessed & Blessing Mood! "Get Blessed With Healthy Long life!"

  12. Download following "Love-Songs-Vs-Spirituality", a pdf file.
    Commentary on Human Love, agonies and Spirituality!
    These are songs and videos of old Love songs! You will be Blessed!
    It is work in progress. Being enahanced as it is compilling. Kindly download now and revisit:
    Click to read and download: Sad, Love songs old. "Love Songs Vs Spirituality!"

  13. View, Read or Download following "Thank and Grow Rich" file.
    Updated last on 1 Jan. 2014.
    Click to view or downloand The Root Mantar. "Thank And Grow Rich Every Way!"

  14. We are worth our Virtues and Skills. Learn from my experience. Virtues Skills to cultivate in life. "The Virtues, Gifts and Skills Waheguru has Blessed to Paul C."

  15. View, read or Download following "Get Blessed With Home Buying", a pdf file.
    Click to read and download.
    Pallah at My Father's Home, only 1 mile away from My Kids's home! Gurghar near our Ghar. "Get Blessed With Home Buying.pdf"

  16. Human life is full with pain and diseases.
    Here is something that can Prevent, Care and Cure Health-problems. Herbs Blessings of Our Lord. "Herbs and Foods to Help: With Blessings of our Creator."

  17. Wisdom is everywhere, just need an open feelings: Resources and Links that will enrich your life.. Resources_For_Education_Research_By_P_S_Chahal "Round up Wisdom accross the Globe, as Waheguru inspired Dassan-Dass Pallah."

  18. Steps for fullfilment of Life:
    1. Read Scritptures, read translations, and do good deeds.
    2. Collect all the skills of Baptization. Start adopting one at a time.
    3. Get blessed with Baptization. Adopt most of the traditions.
    4. Be a Model for younger generations.
      Create media, documentations, sermons and expand Waheguru's Mission.

Currently serving in following Gurdwara Sahibs:
    1) Sikh Gurdwara San Jose.
    2) Bay Area Sikh Gurdwara of Milpitas, on Calaveras Blvd.
    3) Silicon Valley Gurdwara Sahib, Santa Clara.
    4) Milpitas Gurdwara Sahib, Cadillac Ct. Milpitas.

* Previously worked as Medical Research Scientist doing Cancer Research in India and U.S.
* Innovated the Worlds' First Punjabi Language Comptuer on Dec. 6, 1984.

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For Expansion of My Lord's message, you may contact me:
Kindly email me for Sikh Group neeeds Paul@CHAHALnet.Com.
To help God's Beloved children and Creator's Mission is the mission for this body.

Updated last: 12 May 2019.